Silencers, which were first identified around 30 years ago as sequence-specific elements that induce negative effect on the transcription of particular genes, have started to receive growing attention. To facilitate the studies of silencers and their potential roles in transcriptional control during normal development and disease, we developed this comprehensive database of silencers, SilencerDB.

To date, SilencerDB contains:
    1. 33,060 validated silencers from both high-throughput and low-throughput experiments
    2. 5,045,547 predicted silencers from state-of-the-art machine learning/deep learning methods
SilencerDB has the following main features:
    1. Hierarchical categorization of silencers with species, organ, tissue, cell line
    2. Comprehensive gene annotation of silencers with the nearest gene and regulatory genes predicted by PECA
human body
Eye human_Eye
Breast human_Breast
Stomach human_Stomach
Intestine human_Intestine
Pancreas human_Pancreas
Kidney human_Kidney
Muscle human_Muscle
Skin human_Skin
Brain human_Brain
Lung human_Lung
Heart human_Heart
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Stem cell Stem cell
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News and updates

  • Added the silencers predicted by DeepSilencer.

    27 June 2020
  • Provided a demo for the analysis of silencers.

    15 June 2020
  • Version 1.0 of the database has been launched.

    03 June 2020